Tuition Fees** USD 11,060. (General fees including registration, acceptance fees, exam fees, graduation fees, computer room fees and health insurance: USD 1,650; Course fees: USD 6,870; Activities fees (Excursions, field simulation, etc.): USD 2,525). Both courses fees and activities fees are an equivalent to USD 261/credit hour. We are currently looking for scholarship opportunities which would be dedicated to this program. More information is coming soon.

International transport fees and visa cost: USD 2,100 (Considering 2 Return tickets)

Internship cost:Usually covered by the host organization


GJU still doesn’t dispose of own dormitories. Nevertheless the Deanship of Students’ Affairs/International office will help foreign students finding a room or a flat for your stay in Amman. All the costs will be however covered by the student. There are GJU busses and public transportation options (buses) available at your own cost.


This is the responsibility of each students to manage its own visa. Procedure depends on which country you are coming from. Some countries can obtain it on arrival, while others have to request it in the Jordanian embassies in your place of residence prior to your travel to Jordan.

GJU can support in providing documents such as acceptance letter to the program. Visa can be extended at country level and for a stay longer than 6 months, the GJU International Office can support in getting a residence permit from the Jordanian Ministry of Interior in case needed.

Health insurance:

The German Jordanian University offers all students an obligatory health insurance that enables you to get medical care on campus. In an urgent case you will also get medical care at a hospital.


– Study Buddy Program existing  very popular among Jordanian students
– 2-3 excursions are organized for the Incomings each semester
– Incoming Students can join GJU sport teams; football, basketball, volleyball, handball, etc.
– Jordan is country offering unlimited touristic options.


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